OpenLaw is an open source protocol that aims to arrange the world's commercial relationships. We're building the first decentralized peer-to-peer protocol for creating legal agreements. Just like how Bitcoin ushered in an era of peer-to-peer payments, OpenLaw is ushering in the future of peer-to-peer legal agreements.


OpenLaw, the company, maintains the OpenLaw protocol and helps enterprises, customers, and developers incorporate this powerful technology into their commercial dealings and projects through technical infrastructure APIs and our suite of tools. Any business, from startup to large public enterprises, can leverage our products for an efficient, secure way to generate and transfer tokens through a legal agreement that is signed and executed on a blockchain.


OpenLaw was founded in 2017 by Aaron Wright and David Roon. Aaron Wright is the Chief Executive Officer and a Professor at Cardozo Law School. He is also Director of Cardozo's Blockchain Project and formerly SVP of Product/Business Development and General Counsel at Wikia. David Roon, the Chief Technology Officer, is the creator of JVM based tools to integrate Ethereum development and the creator of Cubefriendly, an open data database engine.


The OpenLaw team is a team of programmers and dreamers, with a diverse background. We're a remote-first, globally distributed team on (almost) every continent. We're passionate about blockchain technology, functional programming, legal technology, and building better commercial systems. If you're interested in joining the OpenLaw team, we'd love to tell you more. We have a number of openings.